The Founders Series: Gyber

As part of Cenports’ mission to support up-and-coming eCommerce brands, we’re putting a spotlight on the founders looking to drive the industry forward. In this post, we talk with Gyber’s four founders: Martin, Anna, Steven, and Ben. 

What was your motivation for starting Gyber?

We knew that the ovens in the North American market have always maintained traditional style and function and that the market was ready to be disrupted. We did our research and testing to introduce new designs, new functions, ease of use, and portability to bring a new set of affordable, exciting products to barbecue lovers ready to try something different.

How would you describe the culture you’re building at Gyber?

Fun and familial! It’s our hope that Gyber customers will celebrate their love of barbecue and delicious food with their friends, family, and loved ones, and we take those values to work every day.

In 10 years, what do you want Gyber to become?

Eventually, we’d like to bring our spirit of disruption, fun, and affordability to all outdoor products, not just grills and pizza ovens. As we mature as a brand, we’ll engage our customers to understand how their needs are evolving – by age, place of residence, social scene, etc. – and build products to make their lives better.

What would you like customers to know about your products?

They make outdoor cooking easier, more accessible, and better! You can do things with our products that no other brand can match.

How do you see your industry and products evolving over the next 5 years?

The outdoor market has been booming for a long time, but it hasn’t been all that innovative. We believe that portability, versatility, and differentiated design will help our products stand out from the crowd, and we’ll work to stay ahead of market trends.

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