Houzz Integration

1.) Go to Houzz website (https://www.houzz.com/) 2.) Click Sign In and login your vendor account. 3.) After you login, click “Vendor Dashboard” on the right top corner. 4.) Once you click on the Vendor Dashboard, click “Settings” and click API. 5.) After they acquired the credentials, you can also input them into our system. Refer … Read more

Wayfair Integration

We have received your request for a Wayfair API integration. Wayfair leverages its platform, PartnerHome, to establish these API applications through the use of a developer account. In order to integrate via API, we will need a user created on your Wayfair account. Please use this information when creating the account: a.) First Name: Integrations … Read more

Amazon Integration

1.) Sign in to your dashboard. Reference: https://dashboard.cenports.com/login 2.) From the main dashboard, click Integration. 3.) Select Amazon Selling Partner. 4.) Once you select Amazon Selling Partner, on the right side, select Amazon. a.) Fill in amazon.com to the Account ID field. b.) Under Advanced Settings, make sure that in is_sandbox, select False. 5.) Click … Read more

Ebay Integration

1. Please log into https://dashboard.cenports.com/login.  You must be signed in before proceeding to the next step. 2. Once you are signed into our dashboard, go to https://dashboard.cenports.com/login/ebay and log into your eBay account. 3. You should be returned to our dashboard once signed in successfully. 4. Email us at integrations@cenports.com to verify if the connection … Read more

Walmart Marketplace Integration

Generate Consumer ID and Private Key for the First Time To integrate Walmart Marketplace into your Cenports account, you will need to provide us with your Consumer ID and a Private Key. These API credentials can be generated from Seller Center by following the steps below. You will also need to provide Channel Type header value to us for using … Read more

Shopify Integration

Prerequisite: Cenports user must be created prior to integration After Cenports account is created, Shopify integration can be performed.  Follow below steps to integrate your Shopify orders into Cenports dashboard. Integration Setup 1. Go to Cenports on your browser 2. Log in to the Cenports dashboard with your login and password 3. Open a new tab on your browser (keep your Cenports dashboard open) a. On your the new tab, type in https://dashboard.cenports.com/login/shopify b. Type … Read more

BigCommerce API Integration

This guide will help you integrate your BigCommerce store into our Cenports system. The following information will be created or recorded in this guide: Client ID Client Secret Access Key Store URL How to generate your client credentials : In order to get your client credentials, please log into https://www.bigcommerce.com using the store owner account of your BigCommerce Store. … Read more