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Walmart Marketplace Integration

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Generate Consumer ID and Private Key for the First Time

To integrate Walmart Marketplace into your Cenports account, you will need to provide us with your Consumer ID and a Private Key. These API credentials can be generated from Seller Center by following the steps below. You will also need to provide Channel Type header value to us for using Walmart integration.

To Access the API credentials page:

1.Log in to Seller Center or https://seller.walmart.com with your username and password.

Note: If you are set up as an admin, you should be able to see the gear icon in the top-right of the screen. If you don’t see the gear icon, please contact Walmart Support to create a case for partner support to be added as an admin.

2.Under the Administrator Options section, click API Credentials.

Note: Admins should see this entire menu. If you don’t see the API section, you may not have the correct Role Type.

3.If you’ve never generated a Consumer ID or Private Key with Walmart, click on the blue Generate Consumer ID & Private button.

4.After you generate your credentials, click the blue button that says Copy.

Note: This will copy the credentials to your clipboard so you can paste and send them to us directly. For security reasons, their website can only show the Private Key immediately after you generate your Private Key. The next time you come to this page, you will only be able to see your Consumer ID.

5.Please copy and provide and send these 3 set credentials to our Cenports Integration Support Team or integrations@cenports.com, so we can help you to centralize order.

  • Consumer ID
  • Private Key
  • Channel Type (WM_CONSUMER_CHANNEL_TYPE API Header)

Regenerate Your Private Key

In order to view your Private Key again, you will need to regenerate it by clicking on the Regenerate Key button. This will deactivate your previous Private Key, but your consumer ID will remain unchanged.

Note: Please contact us immediately to update the credential for you if you have regenerated the Private Key in recent, otherwise your Walmart integration won’t work properly.

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