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Shopify Integration

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Prerequisite: Cenports user must be created prior to integration

After Cenports account is created, Shopify integration can be performed.  Follow below steps to integrate your Shopify orders into Cenports dashboard.

Integration Setup

1. Go to Cenports on your browser

2. Log in to the Cenports dashboard with your login and password

3. Open a new tab on your browser (keep your Cenports dashboard open)

a. On your the new tab, type in https://dashboard.cenports.com/login/shopify

b. Type in your Shopify store name and click Sign in

c. Browser will redirect you to the Shopify Login screen

d. Use your Shopify Login and password to Sign in

e. After you are verified by Shopify, they will redirect user back to the Cenports dashboard.  When this last redirect is completed, any new order from this point on will be pulled to the Cenports dashboard.

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