Seven Order Fulfillment Strategies to Consider

COVID-19 has derailed retail and eCommerce and has presented several challenges never experienced before. It has significantly impacted global supply chains and order fulfillment.  For modern businesses to get out of the rut and embark on a seamless order fulfillment experience, it is imperative for them to develop strategies that would help them get rid … Read more

10 Reasons for Ocean Freight Delays

While supply chains globally have been trying to brush off the havoc created by the pandemic, frequent container line delays have been like a sore thumb and have complicated the path to recovery. 2021 saw only around 40% of container ships arriving at ports on time.  The beginning of 2022 gave us a glimmer of … Read more

Multichannel Inventory Management – A Guide

Multichannel Inventory Management

In the past, everyone operated offline via their brick and mortar stores. Then came the wave of the internet, which led to the creation of online-only brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus. These companies had no physical presence and either resorted to their website or ecommerce partners like Amazon for sales. But everyone soon realized that … Read more

Factors That Affect Ocean Freight Rates

ocean freight rates

Over 90% of the trade across the world is carried via the sea.  Other transport options like air freight have their advantages in terms of a quicker delivery but have certain limitations as well.  As a rule, shipments that weigh over 100kg are sent via sea freight. Additionally, the ocean route is a more budget-friendly … Read more

Ecommerce inventory management: What does it include?

inventory management

Are you running an online business? If yes, inventory management is a must for any ecommerce business to thrive. It is integral to expansion and must be considered to succeed in this competitive arena.  The article discusses critical points of ecommerce inventory management and what it entails.  What is inventory management? Inventory management refers to … Read more