How does your sales network work?

Sales are generated by the connections our Cenports team makes with retailers. We work with different types of sales partners: (1) Wholesale B2B; (2) marketplace B2C; (3) Direct to Consumer. Our goal is to work with our vendor partners to develop customized strategies that fit their products and their business goals. We are also excited … Read more

How do I become a partner with Cenports?

To start the process of becoming an Cenports supplier, simply fill out the contact us form and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to walk you through our onboarding process.

Do you offer other services to help grow our sales in the US?

Along with our Sales, Software, and 3PL services, we have helped our clients succeed in the US market by offering, copywriting, photography, and product design services. There are a plethora of services we offer. Contact us to learn about all of our added services.

How are replacements/returns for damaged items handled?

Retailers have their own return and replacement policies, and we advise our suppliers to provide an allowance for these instances. If you choose to add Customer Service to your package, your company will have a dedicated team to manage customer and retailer queries.

What if my products aren’t selling?

Although we do not guarantee sales, we do have your best interest in mind. Your Account Manager will be working closely with you to ensure that your products are priced and positioned competitively.