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WooCommerce Integration

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In order to integrate WooCommerce with Cenports, you will need:

  1. Consumer secret
  2. Consumer key
  3. Your website URL

Please note that you will need to have the WooCommerce plugin installed in order to generate the API keys (consumer secret and consumer key).

How to generate the API keys:

  1. First make sure you have set up the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress. You can install it by going to the plugin tab on the WordPress admin dashboard.
  1. Once it is set up, go to the WooCommerce tab and click on Settings on the left sidebar.
  1. Once you are at settings page, click on Advanced > Rest API  > Add Key
  1. You should be at the API key generation page now. Add a description, select a user that you will be using to generate the API key, and select Read/Write permissions. Click Generate API key when you are finished.
  1. Your API key should be generated! Please make sure to copy the consumer key and consumer secret somewhere safe because you will not be able to view it afterwards.

How to Integrate:

  1. Once you generate the consumer secret and consumer key, you will need to input it into our system. To get to the page for inputting the information, please log into the Cenports dashboard and click on the Integrations tab on the left side.

If you do not have access to the integrations tab, please send us an email with the subject WooCommerce Integration including the following information to integrations@cenports.com: 

  1. Your Website URL for WooCommerce
  2. Consumer Key
  3. Consumer Secret

Once you click on Integrations, you will be taken to our integrations page. Please click on the WooCommerce retailer to open the window to fill out this information:

  • Customer: This is the sales channel that is being used. In this case, it will be the sales channel you will associate with WooCommerce
  • Account ID: For WooCommerce, this will be your website url (ex: www.cenports.com)
  • Inventory Update: If you are going to be sending inventory updates back to WooCommerce, you can select the option to send inventory with no template to send inventory updates for all products.
  • Product Download: You will be able to pull your product information into our system with this option.
  • Consumer Key: Here is where you will enter the consumer key that was generated by WooCommerce.
  • Consumer Secret: Here is where you will enter the consumer secret that was generated by WooCommerce.
  • Use SSL: If your website is using a SSL certificate (meaning that your website starts with https://), please input a 1. If instead it starts with http://, please input a 0 in this field.

Once you have inputted all the required information, please click save and you will have integrated WooCommerce with our system.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at integrations@cenports.com.

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