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Wayfair EDI Questionnaire Process

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Wayfair EDI integration process instructions

Once your Wayfair account has been acknowledged, and EDI Questionnaire can begin.

Begin by answering each question and progress to the end.

Supplier Information

  1. The Company Name and Supplier ID is auto-populated at default, please contact Wayfair if the information is not showing up correctly.

Supplier Integration Experience

2. Make your choice for integration with other retailers and click next.

Order Management

3. For Retailer integration, choose EDI from the drop-down and click Next.

4. For managing orders, choose ERP (Enterprise Resource System) from the drop-down and click Next.

5. For the ERP system, choose Custom Built Other from the drop-down and click Next.

6. For pulling orders, choose Hourly from the drop-down and click Next.

7. For the following questions, choose Automated (Real Time/As POs are received) – without human intervention, Automatically transmitted in real time, and Yes respectively from the drop-down and click Next.

8. For shipping Wayfair orders, choose No and click next.

Inventory Management

9. For the Managing inventory method, choose ERP (Enterprise Resource System) and click next.

10. For the ERP system, choose Custom Built Other and click next.

11.  For Inventory system functionality, choose Fully Automated (Inventory is tracked and sent automatically from system) and click next.

12. For the following questions (regarding Inventory, product type, quantities, and stock), choose Immediately, Built to stock, Both estimate and actual quantities, 3 weeks and Yes then click next.

Integration Connection Settings

13. For integration settings fill out the following: Cenports Integration Team, email: integrations@cenports.com, 8312048320, and choose Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Inventory, and Shipping Notices, and Immediately. Click next.

14. For connection and document format, select AS2 Protocol (ANSI X12 and EDIFACT only) and ANSI X12 then click next.

15. For ASN sharing, choose Yes and click Next.

16. For ISA questions, Cenports will provide you with the entries. Fill out accordingly and click next.

17. Fill out the following options respectively, Cenports, http://as2.sdlc.cenports.net/pyas2/as2receive, http://as2.cenports.net/pyas2/as2receive, 3DES, HTTPS is no, MDN is Yes, signature SHA1 and click next.

18. Click Submit and you’re all done!

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