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Cenports' eCOMMERCE Business Integration Platform

Features of Integration

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Platform Features


Orders Management

EDI, API, and FTP integrations are included with your subscription. Focusing on complete transparency, you can manage all sales under one dashboard. Postage and shipping accounts can be managed through our seamless business integrations platform, featuring: • Order retrieval and viewing from any location • Immediate shipment processing, even if you are away from the computer • Cancel or hold orders through the integrated platform • Status and tracking info automatically updated to integrated storefronts • Customized notification, including email confirmations and tracking info available

Inventory Management

You can sync your inventory across all sales channels automatically via FTP, EDI, API, or email hourly, daily, or weekly through our eCommerce business integrations. • Connect with your accounting system for the most effortless inventory management possible. • Eliminate overhead and warehousing costs while improving order fulfillment efficiency. • Watch seasonal trends and plan accordingly with data reporting through a number of common database management engines. • Know accurate quantity on hand in real-time for rapid response and a stellar reputation for on-time delivery.

Catalog Management

Manage your product catalog and assortment all on our platform. Your images, product descriptions, and features are centralized to help you integrate to your sales channels in the designated or requested formats. Just some of the advantages include: • Our integrations allow you to quickly add more items across multiple platforms using the same catalog items. • Our consultants will assist you with any technical issues and validate that your data meets the format needs of the trading partner, including FTP integrations. • Maintain all of your digital content, item descriptions, and pricing in one central catalog management tool. • Easily make items inactive when inventory is exhausted, reducing backorders and improving your business reputation for fast delivery.

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